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Notice regarding issuance of Annual Accounts Statements for the Year 2013-14 Dated 14/06/2014
About Funds Department
      The J&K Funds Organisation has been established vide govt. Order No.88-F of 1984 dated: 05-03-1984 for maintenance of the G. P. Fund accounts of the State government employees (Superior) w.e.f. 01-04-86 who’s accounts were hither to being maintained by Accountant General J&K. The Organisation is maintaining the individual ledger Accounts in respect of G. P. Fund & S.L.I subscriptions/Premiums deducted monthly from each Government Employee including subscribers belonging to IAS/IPS and IFS cadres. 

Information Technology (IT) in Funds
         The project GENPROFIT System has been designed and developed for Funds Department of Government of J&K, for the computerization of subscriptions made by the employees who keeps their hard earned money with the Fund Office. In Year 1986 onwards Accountant General Offices on the request of Government of J&K allowed the Funds Department to maintain the details of subscriptions made by each department. 

        Citizens can seek information from the J&K Funds Organisation from in-charge of the offices at District units or from the Divisional Head quarters on any working day during office hours. Such information can also be sought by approaching the concerned controlling officer through ordinary post provided the citizen seeking such information has to follow the procedure provided/laid down in the Right to Information Rules. 

Citizen Charter     RFD                     GP Fund Manual

RTI-2009               J&K PSG 2011

Format for collection of information from concerned DDO's

            Life Insurance with the J&K State Insurance Fund shall be compulsory for all employees of the State (excluding those to be stipulated) whose age next birthday is 18 or over but not overage 45 years.

Interest Rates for GPF
2006-2010     8% 

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