GPF Balances available on



The State Government has initiated to bring the GPF Accounts of all subscribers on line. Hithertofore this facility was available for limited number of subscribers who could be operating on Civil Secretariat treasury and move with Darbar. Subsequently with the creation of GPF Police Cell, J&K (PHQ) and GP Fund Provincial Police Cell, (ZPHQ) subscribers belonging to Police Department were also brought online. The software for this purpose has been developed by the National Informatic Centre.

                  In comparison to above offices of GP Fund Organisation all other offices are working in offline mode. It is there that full transformation is contemplated. These offices will shift from off to online mode within some time which is expected to bring the Organisation to the forefront of technology up-gradation, bring transparency in accounting and provide required facilities to the subscribers online.

          As per prevalent procedure, the GPF contributions are deducted from the salary of the concerned employeeís and a schedule of the GPF deductions are sent from the Treasury to the Provident Fund Office, who maintain the GPF Accounts of the Government employees. The main purpose of putting the accounts on the Web is to ensure that the discrepancies relating to contributions are taken care of. The employees will themselves be able to see as to what is their contribution to the fund and as to how it has progressed. Immediately after the GPF offices are brought on line balances of the subscribers  shall be linked to SMS service on registered cell numbers which would intimate the subscriber about credits/debits and balances whenever they will get an effect.


          This will definitely be a step towards e-governance and will empower the subscribers to the required extent and increase efficiency and transparency of the whole system of management of the GP Fund accounts.