GPF Balances available on


      The State Government has initiated to bring the GPF Accounts online on Internet. The data relating to the General Provident Fund has been brought online in respect of those Subscribers who are drawing their salaries from the Civil Secretariat Treasury and whose accounts are maintained by the Fund Office, Moving Cell  Civil Secretariat  Jammu & Kashmir. The Fund Office, Moving Cell has already computerised the G.P.Fund procedures since Financial Year 1994-95.

    The software for this purpose has been developed by the National Informatics Centre and the data is being made available on the Web Server so that the employees may be able to log in and see the details of their contributions towards General Provident Fund on the Internet.

     As per prevalent procedures, the GPF contributions are deducted from the salary of the concerned employee's. For this purpose, the salary bill of the concerned employee's includes a schedule of GPF deductions and after the bills of salary are passed, the schedules of the GPF deductions are sent from the Treasury to the Provident Fund Office, who is responsible for maintaining GPF Accounts of the Government employees.

     It is not uncommon to see that the GPF deduction schedules are not received timely in the GPF Office from the Treasury or are lost/destroyed. This results in tremendous inconvenience to the employees because as a result, the credits to the GPF are not reflected in their GPF Accounts. As a result, they have to produce certificates from the Treasury regarding GPF deductions or some other documents which are commonly described as "collateral evidences" before the GPF Office. This causes harassment to the employees, especially at the time when they apply for taking loans from their GPF Accounts for personal emergencies. At that time, they are told that most of their credits are missing and they cannot take advances!

          The main purpose of putting the accounts on the Web is to ensure that these discrepancies relating to past contributions are slowly taken care of. The employees will themselves be able to see for themselves as to what is their contribution data available with the G.P.Fund office.  If it does not tally with actual deductions made, they will realize that there are some credits missing and will themselves be able to produce collateral evidences so as to rectify the missing credits etc.  While this may create additional work load for the Directorate of GPF as well as harassment to the employees in the short run, it is going to considerably improve the quality of GPF account keeping in the long run.

         This is one of the steps which the State Government has recently taken in the area of e-Governance. This will certainly increase the transparency and efficiency. It will also provide great convenience to our employees who contribute to the GPF.